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Live performance of “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY” in San Francisco!

Machine of Death is proud to partner with The Un-Scripted Theater Company of San Francisco for a special, one-night-only live performance of Ryan North’s story “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY.”

The performance is part of a show at Un-Scripted called “Act One, Scene Two,” in which actors start with the first scene of an unfinished play — or in our case, they’ll perform Ryan’s piece — and then keep going, improvising the rest of the story to show what happens next. It’s gonna be super-fun, and if you’re in the Bay Area, we’d love to see you there!

The show will be this Saturday, July 9, at 8pm. Tickets are available here!

This is an Official MOD Event — David Malki ! will be in attendance in person, Ryan North will be there on Skype (if all goes well), and we’ll have books and death prediction cards, as well as our super-fancy embosser that proves you were there in person.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: MoD authors Erin McKean (“NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING”) and Shaenon K. Garrity (“PRISON KNIFE FIGHT”) will be on hand to sign books!

(David will also be at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco both Saturday and Sunday.)

Podcast version of this story!

And just to give you a taste — here’s MC Frontalot reading “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY” for our podcast. We recommend listening to this one with headphones on.

Read by MC Frontalot.

“You don’t see it? What if we could ship this box further away? What if Dr. Merry lived thousands of light-years away, and we could somehow get the box to him? If we set a time for him to do the killing, and for us to run the blood through the machine shortly afterward, then as soon as we read the machine’s prediction, we’ve sent information faster than the speed of light!”

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Ryan North writes “Dinosaur Comics,” your new favourite comic ever in time, which you can read online at and also in books too. He also built Project Wonderful, a site that makes online advertising not suck, and ALSO makes it awesome. He is a tall drink of water who lives in Toronto with his wife Jenn.

MC Frontalot was born Maxwell Claudio Frontasako behind a Boise Walmart in 1973. The fronting has increased exponentially since. Sixteen years of rap stardom, fourteen world tours, and hundreds of platinum albums find MC Frontalot threatening retirement. His legion of fans will sob quietly to themselves.

In the book, “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY” is illustrated by Aaron Diaz.

2 Responses to “Live performance of “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY” in San Francisco!”

  1. on 06 Jul 2011 at 9:33 am 1.TJ said …

    Tell me someone will capture this on video for those of us not in the area – this sounds awesome!

  2. on 07 Jul 2011 at 7:28 am 2.Beryl said …

    I wish I’d known about this sooner! I work Saturday night, I can’t believe I’m gonna miss this 🙁