We’ve received several inquiries as to the status of the project, and we’re now at a point where we can confidently present a list of contributing illustrators (below). Though our manuscript is complete, we feel we owe it to the project to follow up every lead with the publishers who have expressed interest, which as many of you know can be an extremely protracted process.

We are also in receipt of many of your requests for feedback on your stories, which is a thing we shall still do in the months to come. We thank you for your patience, and hope it will arrive like a sparkling surprise long after you have forgotten all about us.

Rest assured that this project is very much alive and will one day soon groan its way into life with a sound not heard since the gods rent Day from Night in days forgotten by all but the tortoise-folk.

The illustrators who will be featured in the book are:

John Allison
Kate Beaton
Brandon Bolt
Vera Brosgol
Jeffrey Brown
Scott Campbell
Mitch Clem
Danielle Corsetto
Aaron Diaz
Rene Engström
Jess Fink
Dorothy Gambrell
KC Green
Matt Haley
Christopher Hastings
Paul Horn
John Keogh
Karl Kerschl
Kazu Kibuishi
Adam Koford
Roger Langridge
Les McClaine
Brian McLachlan
Kevin McShane
Dylan Meconis
Carly Monardo
Jesse Reklaw
Katie Sekelsky
Cameron Stewart
Kris Straub
Kean Soo
Kelly Tindall
Marcus Thiele
Dean Trippe
Shannon Wheeler
UPDATE: and Ramón Pérez!

I know! We are excited too.