Just a reminder that Strange Horizons, one of the best science-fiction magazines still publishing today, is giving away a hardcover edition of Machine of Death as part of their annual fund drive. This isn’t just any hardcover either: It’s one of only two known to exist that’s signed by all three of the editors!

You can view the full fund drive prize list and make a donation on their site. Machine of Death is listed all the way down at the bottom of the prize list. They included an image of the more recognizable trade paperback cover, but the book being given away is in fact a hardcover. (Shameless self-promotion time: Right below Machine of Death you’ll see another book that I had a hand in this year: The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide. Both are great prizes!)

There are only two weeks remaining to support this very worthy, very excellent and totally non-profit science-fiction magazine. It’s my understanding that the staff at Strange Horizons are all volunteers and that donations are primarily used to fund paying writers and artists, and for the cost of keeping the site up and running. And since Strange Horizons was the first professional market to publish one of my stories (all the way back in 2003), it’s obvious that they have excellent taste and extraordinary foresight in picking the work they publish.