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Vol2 Updates &What is this I don't even 18 Jul 2013 01:34 am by David !


Jason Lioi of Dapper Devil is a man who owns a laser cutter. (Two, actually.) And he built this for me. It’s at our booth at the San Diego Comic-Con right now!!

It goes together like so:

So I see no reason why this thing would ever not be present anyplace we go from here on out. If you’re in San Diego, come by booth #1229 and find out how you’re going to die!

We’ll also be signing copies of This Is How You Die on Friday morning, 11am, at the Hachette booth (#1116):

They made one of those big banners for us and everything! SWEET

Here’s a full SCAVENGER HUNT list of who will be signing either TIHYD or MOD books at Comic-Con (you can download this checklist as a PDF if you want to print it out):

First one to get ’em all wins a hearty handshake of friendship.


• Another free preview story has been posted! “SHIV SENA RIOT”, by Ryan Estrada, is about a MOD call-center operative in India who’s never gotten a prediction of her own. It’s posted in full over at Wired today.

• Very kind mentions of TIHYD by Cory Doctorow and Brandon Sanderson today as well!

• I’ve posted some photos of the first prototype of the MOD card game! These images are from the manufacturer — I hope to have the actual prototype in my hand in just a few days.

• Our TIYHD short film was just named a Vimeo Staff Pick! Kudos to Mike Mohan, John Lang, and the crew that made that thing so spectacular.

It’s so amazing to see the outpouring of support for the book! If you’re still on the fence or haven’t remembered to grab it yet, we only have TWO DAYS LEFT for sales to count toward our NYT bestseller effort. Don’t wait! Grab it on Amazon, or from your favorite retailer.

If you have already picked up the book, thank you so much! Leave us a comment on Amazon or elsewhere so others know what you thought!

TWO DAYS LEFT…TWO DAYS LEFT…and then, VICTORY (presumably). We’ll see!

What is this I don't even 17 May 2011 11:15 am by Ryan

Machine of Death IN REAL LIFE

We’ve gotten quite a few emails linking to stories like this one (“New blood test can predict your life expectancy.. but critics warn of life insurance hikes”) and this one (“The £400 test that tells you how long you’ll live”).

Basically all we can say is, as readers of our book, you are WELL PREPARED to consider the possible ramifications of what this machine means for you, for your friends and family, for society, AND for life insurance. You’re extra prepared, actually, because you can also deal with a machine that tells you how, and not just when!

The test even works off of a blood sample, which matches up 100% with the machine in the comic. I need to start writing comics about a machine that introduces a post-scarcity economy to the world and also invents holodecks, and we will be SET.

photo credit: The Independent

What is this I don't even 11 Apr 2011 05:30 am by Ryan

Machine of Death Monologues

So the team at Orpheos Productions has been putting together some original Machine of Death monologues that they’re going to release online soon! There’s a teaser trailer up now on their site (which is also styled to look like one of the Machines):

We haven’t seen any of the actual videos yet but the trailer is super promising and they should be out soon! This kind of fan art that is SUPER EXCITING.

ps: click the “place finger in hole” button for your own, instant, online reading, which hopefully will agree with the reading available through the mail here

What is this I don't even 23 Jan 2011 07:15 pm by David !

Robot adaptation of the original MOD premise.

Love this.

Reader Mail &What is this I don't even 17 Aug 2010 04:24 pm by David !

We have been beaten

what I mean WHAT

Machine of Death contributor Camille Alexa very kindly sent us this in the mail. It appears to be some sort of nozzle-bearing device that will predict your death.

no answers here

I am afraid we have no recourse but to lay down our arms and cede victory to its garish packaging and compact form factor. It is cheaper than our Machine and likely just as accurate.

just further questions

We have looked over this device and examined it from every angle. No explanation, no text, no illustration provides any answers whatsoever — simply more questions. Thanks, Camille. We will sleep uneasily tonight.

p.s. Only the ingredients listed on the back (SDA 38B Peppermint 190-Proof, Deionized Water, Cinnamic Fragrance, Glycerin USP 99.5%, Sodium Saccharin, FD&C Red #40) give any sort of hint whatsoever as to this thing’s true nature, and even then — now that we’ve learned that this is a substance to be ingested — it seems more sinister even than before.

Full transcription of the text is after the cut.

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