Matt has made it clear that his goal for MOD2 is to receive submissions from ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS. So far we’ve hit six of the seven, with only Antarctica lagging behind. (Get with the program, Amundsen-Scott researchers!!)

But personally, I’m gunning for a different milestone. From the beginning, I’ve been hoping that we exceed the 675 submissions we received in 2007 for Volume 1 — to me, although it’s truthfully arbitrary, exceeding the Vol.1 number means that we’re making progress. We’re making headway toward something bigger and better.

Looking at the submission data, I think it’s clear that we’re going to beat that number. We have 7 days left, and we’re already up past 615 (635 if you count the 20 stories we received from British middle schoolers in a big lump submitted by their teacher — but for the sake of this post we won’t count them).

So the big question is…WHEN will we beat the Vol.1 number? When will we receive our 676th submission for Vol.2?

That’s what we’re asking YOU — this is a carnival game, a count-the-beans-in-the-jar question.

Leave your answer (down to the minute!!) in the thread on our Facebook group, and the closest guess will win a prize — one of anything from our new TopatoCo store! There are more rules and stats and even a graph over on Facebook to help you make your guess.

BONUS GAME: What will the name of the record-breaking submission be? There’s a thread for that too! If you guess this one correctly, you’ll get a SUPER MEGA PRIZE.

TRIFECTA CHALLENGE: How many submissions will we receive total? Heck, if you nail ALL THREE predictions we’ll give you $100. Just for fun.