Back row: David Malki ! & Ryan North. Seated: Bill Chernega & John Chernega (“MEAT EATER”), Rebecca Black (“TETRAPOD”), Rhiannon Kelly (“NATURAL CAUSES”)

So great to meet everyone in San Diego last week! We SOLD OUT of Grand Central’s copies of TIHYD at the show, and we also ran out of paper for the actual MOD that was there issuing death predictions. Not pictured above are the artists who were there — Lissa Treiman, Claire Hummel, Tony Cliff, Aaron Diaz, Tyson Hesse, Carly Monardo, Chris Schweizer, Meredith Gran, and Greg Ruth, just to name a few — and I hope that somebody got ALL THE SIGNATURES POSSIBLE.

And thank you to everyone who’s been picking up the new book at your local stores or online! We’ve been hearing nothing but good things from everyone who’s cracked it open so far. It’s exactly the book we’d hoped to make and we’re so happy that everyone likes it as much as we do.


We’ll be holding an OFFICIAL LAUNCH EVENT at The Beguiling! It’s going to be a combination Choose Your Own Book Launch in cooperation with Ryan’s choosable-path Hamlet adaptation, TO BE OR NOT TO BE.

It will be two venues side-by-side featuring two signings for two different books! Locked in BITTER COMPETITION.

There will also be lots of events (Shakespearean rap battles! MOD Draw & Guess! Dramatic readings! LAUGHTER??) and it is sure to be a good time. If you already have a copy of either book, bring ’em out to be signed! If you don’t, come pick ’em up at the event!


• The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto (in Mirvish Village, beside Honest Ed’s)
• Monday, July 29th, 7pm-10pm

More info here! Facebook invite here!

AFTER THAT: I’ll be at Gen Con in Indianapolis and PAX Prime in Seattle (both in August), and the Small Press Expo in Bethesda MD (September). See you…SOMEWHERE???