“NOTHING,” by Pelotard.
Read by Lore Sjöberg. (14min)

The door opened when she was still a few yards from the house. An old man made his way out, standing on the three steps leading down to the yard, straightening his back. He looked exactly the same as last time — five years ago, or maybe seven? She couldn’t quite remember — thin, tall, with a wisp of nearly white hair that blew whichever way the wind fancied.

She smiled at him. “Hi, Grandpa.”

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Pelotard has worked at Microsoft in Dublin, at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk-an-Zee in the Netherlands, and has found his degree in theoretical physics completely useless in his current career at a translation agency. He lives outside Stockholm, Sweden, with his family.

Lore Sjöberg is a humorist, cartoonist, and the author of The Book of Ratings. He is a regular contributor to Wired.com, and his new blog is at dogsandsorcerers.com.

In the book, “NOTHING” is illustrated by John Allison. This podcast episode was edited by Matthew Schwartz.