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Podcast 31: FRIENDLY FIRE, by Douglas J Lane

“FRIENDLY FIRE,” by Douglas J Lane.
Read by Zach Weiner. (31 min)

They pulled the woman from the padded seat with care. She wasn’t the enemy. Ignorant, a buyer of the big lie, but not the root of the problem. She was somewhere north of forty. Her dark hair showed silver strands, and the beginnings of crow’s feet bracketed chestnut-colored eyes. Tommy noticed her fingertips, purple and tender. She was a Repeater. It touched a nerve.

Confusion and fear mingled on her face. “Don’t hurt me!” She wrapped an arm around herself, a reflex of protection. “Take my purse. I don’t have much.”

“We don’t want your crap,” Mitch said from behind the rubber face of Elvis Presley. He pushed past her. The silver head of a hammer, produced from inside Mitch’s overcoat, reflected a hundred mall lights. He ripped the curtain off the booth and went to work.

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Douglas J Lane’s narrative weirdness has appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated and Pure Francis, and the anthology Seasons In The Abyss. He currently juggles his day job with his work on a novel and a flaming chainsaw. He can be reached — and might even reply — at dj.dougiej [at] gmail.com.

Zach Weiner is the author of the comic strip “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal”, co-creator of the comedy series SMBC Theater, and co-host of The Weekly Weinersmith science podcast. His most recent book of comics is entitled The Most Dangerous Game.

In the book, “FRIENDLY FIRE” is illustrated by Kelly Tindall. This podcast episode was edited by Matthew Schwartz.

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