“CANCER,” by Camron Miller.
Read by Joanna Penn. (8 min)

In the months afterward, in suburban dining rooms, the bohemian bourgeoisie debated the ethics of the machine. The first had been installed unobtrusively in leading doctors’ surgeries, and as they spread across the country, schoolteachers and bank managers and creative consultants and publishers met for cocktail parties, suppers, restaurant lunches, the conversation turned to the machine, the machine, again and again, the machine.

“I saw one,” said Kate Boothroyd, sucking on a cigarette, “on Kensington High Street. There was a line a bloody mile long — madness.”

A temporary silence settled over the Broads’ dining table, broken by the hostess.

“And would you?”

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Camron Miller is an amateur writer and classics student. A graduate of St Bees School and the Lawrenceville School, he divides his time between the University of London, the Surrey Hills, and a seaside village near the Lake District National Park. He can be reached at camronmiller [at] hotmail.com.

Joanna Penn is an author, blogger, speaker and business consultant based in Australia. She recently published the novel Pentecost, and she also recently conducted an interview with us about Machine of Death.

In the book, “CANCER” is illustrated by Les McClaine. This podcast episode was edited by Matthew Schwartz.