If this posts when it’s supposed to, the deadline for Machine of Death 2 submissions will have just passed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted!

We’re going to have a bunch more posts on where the submissions came from and tons of other really interesting stuff, but here’s what we’ve got so far, early in the morning on the 15th of July:

  • over 1200 submissions!
  • over 2.2 MILLION words as of July 10th, which is like reading War and Peace four times in a row, and if we published all of them, enough to easily reach the #1 position on Wikipedia’s List of Longest Novels
  • submissions from six of seven continents, and the missing seventh one is mostly covered in ice anyway

And these numbers are only going to get larger as we catch up on the submissions. The last few days have been crazy, with at one point 50 stories coming in during one five-minute period alone (and it wasn’t even the deadline!) If you’ve submitted, you’ll be hearing from us! We’ll be reading these over the next few weeks and months, and we’ll let everyone know sometime in October whether they’ve been accepted or not.

There’s going to be tons more posted here over the next few days. But to everyone who submitted: you are awesome, and congratulations! You sat down and made a thing using only your imagination. That’s not easy to do, and you totally pulled it off.