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Announcing: The Machine of Death Artbook


We decided to take all the art from both Machine of Death and This Is How You Die — as well as the art from most of the spinoff stuff, like the posters and trinkets and the card game — and put it all in a single book!

The Machine of Death Artbook.


Available right now in print (from Amazon and TopatoCo), or as a PDF download.


In addition to the art itself, we also asked the MOD authors and artists to discuss their craft. The result is over 100 interviews in which the writers and illustrators explain what went into the creation of their work — thoughts on technique, developing story ideas, early sketches, the creative process, and lots of other neat behind-the-scenes stuff!

If you like the MOD series, there’s a lot of really cool insight here from the folks whose work made the books so great.


In this book, we also decided to reprint some of our internal notes and discussions from the last several years — as we read the stories that were submitted; made design and marketing decisions; and just talked among ourselves about the best way forward for the books.


Finally…we also presented some of the illustrations, context-free, to kids in the after-school tutoring program at 826LA — and got their own ideas about what was going on in the pictures! Flash fiction by elementary school kids! It’s hilarious.

There are also early drafts of poster, cover, and package designs; some fan art from readers; and best of all, a spot gloss treatment on the cover. It even fits into standard comic-book bags.

A really great gift for the creative person in your life (or in your mirror)!

One hundred seventy-eight pages. Just seven bucks in print (ten on Amazon), or three bucks for the PDF.

Grab a copy now!




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